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    Industry News
    Compound annual growth of 37.4% CNC machine tools into the mainstream consumer
    Compound annual growth of 37.4% CNC machine tools into the mainstream consumer
    【author/from】webmanager 【time】2018/12/26 【count】6571
    It is reported, the development of machine tool industry in our country so far, have industry infrastructure more perfect, but the development time of NC machine tool in our country is short, relatively late start, compared with developed countries, is still lagging behind many, at present, an important equipment of NC machine tool has been used as the modernization of industrial production indispensable, and its technological level can reflect comprehensive national power of a country the.
    CNC machine tool manufacturing industry is now one of the necessary equipment, the equipment is to be carried out at the same time, machinery manufacturing, the use of CNC machine tools is can greatly increase the scope of use, and the promotion of industrial production to a certain extent, improve work efficiency.
    Strong demand for CNC machine tool industry in China will still maintain high speed growth, the average annual compound growth rate of 37.4%. CNC machine tool consumption has become the mainstream. The 12th Five Year Plan period, China will continue to invest, and strength to increase, every major projects will drive investment of more than 10000000000. Not only the domestic CNC machine tools and CNC system and functional components of the development of the market, but also for domestic CNC system manufacturers continue to develop their own technology, provides an excellent opportunity to expand the market.
    From the industrial structure of CNC machine tool of our country, regional characteristic of the development of CNC machine tools in our country is very obvious. Regional obviously reflects the development of CNC machine tools in our country is not balanced. As some of China's old industrial base, the development speed of CNC machine tool development is very slow. Hope to have the technology and policy support, the NC machine tools is more and more strong innovation ability of our country, the enterprise's own development is getting better and better.